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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why I Write ~ SOLS 27

    Tonight I am thinking about all the reasons that I write. I really started and continue to wrestle with words as a result of my love of books. I love to infect young readers and writers with this passion. I write to dive deeper into the depths of words and the wonderful ways that authors weave them together to tell a story. As a teacher, I write quite simply to be a better writing teacher.

I write
To remember
For I will forget
Big moments,

I write to savor
Small moments
Moments that matter now
Moments that will matter later

I write
To understand
To find my way
To heal

I write
To weave
My teaching together
To celebrate

I write to grow
To improve
To be a better person
To walk in their shoes



  1. I love this! My favorite..."I write to find my way...to heal...to walk in their shoes" So true! Writing is therapeutic and it helps us see things through other points of view. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer K.

  2. You do infect your students with a wonderful writing virus. They take this passion with them as they leave your class! What a gift.