If you want to teach me to write, first you have to love me. ~AVI

Monday, March 12, 2012

Take a Carpet Ride

       Some of my best ideas come to me in the shower, on a walk, or driving in the car. But always away from my work zone. We have heard this from many authors. They declare their best writing occurs away from their desks.
       Yesterday on our drive to the lake, we listened to Kenny Chesney reflect on the history of his latest number one hit, “Reality.” You see his ideas also come to him when he is off living life. This time he was in the dentist chair when the seed was planted in his head.
Chesney said as he sat in the chair, in a comfortable state, drifting off a bit, he thought of the different ways that people escape reality – some with addictions, others with passions. Chesney went on to discuss the realization that music is that getaway for many people. When they come out to see his performances, this is their break from reality.
As I listened to Chesney’s reflections, something resonated for me. Here we were on our way to a place where we can escape for a few hours. I knew then that his words were speaking to a deep place in my heart. I knew I would need to return to this song and what it represented. As we drove along East Lake Road, I pulled out my phone, opened Notes and quick jotted down a few of  phrases from his interview that stuck with me. Here are a few lines from Reality, a song from his latest album Hemingway's Whiskey:
Reality, yeah, sometimes life
Ain't all that it's cracked up to be
So let's take a chance and live this fantasy
'Cause everybody needs to break free from reality

Everybody raise your hands and voice tonight
Set your soul free, let's take a carpet ride
We'll leave it all behind … ~ Kenny Chesney

How do you break free from reality? A trip to the lake, a cup of coffee on the back deck, a night out with your honey, a snuggle with your kids, curling up with a good book, listening to some music, dancing, quilting, cooking, writing, …It sounds a lot like bringing balance to our busy lives. Everybody needs to break free. 


  1. Hi Theresa, first, thank for the clever comment "we are all stiched together in the comments" I love that. And I enjoyed your words here today so much. I just posted about the little things that give comfort, and this breaking free from reality is a bit more, finding ways to relax & enjoy those other parts of one's life, I think. I love that you connected to the song & thus your writing, listening to another 'creative' soul. thanks!

  2. I love your list of being free - curling up with a good book, a night out with your honey. Yes, it's finding the moments of freedom within the reality of life.