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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fretting on Friday

SOLS Day 2 Fretting on Friday

      One of the primary motivations for joining the March challenge is my desire to walk in the shoes of students and write along side them. Knowing the power of engaging in writing experiences, which we require of our students, has nudged me to write.
The majority of my students enjoy writing. Sure they have days when they get stuck. Don’t we all? There are those days when the words barely trickle out of my pen like the last drops of my favorite salad dressing that is barely enough to dampen my big salad.
Today I know that I got a bit testy when I heard one too many, “I-don’t-know-what-to-write” statements? ‘Why do we have to write Slice of Life Stories?” “It’s Friday, why do I have to write today? We have been talking about this challenge for a while now, training a couple days a week with SOLS entries. During March, students must write Monday through Friday; weekends are optional, but encouraged. We will have a celebration for the writer’s who meet the challenge for 30 or 31 days.
In spite of what seems like ample time devoted to gathering ideas, I continue to struggle with a few writers who frequently lament writing. We have spent more time this year than ever before gathering seeds and learning how to live like writers.
We collaged our notebooks. My mentors guide me in my teaching. We ride on the shoulders of our favorite authors, trying new writing moves. I turn to favorite resources and blogs for advice on supporting students. Our notebooks have tools tucked inside to help us scoop up seeds to grow new ideas. Aimee Buckner’s Notebook Know How is one of my go to resources, along with Ralph Fletcher’s writing books, the Two Writing Teacher’s blog, their book Day by Day, the Poem Farm blog and many others. I share my notebook and my blog giving students a glimpse of the everyday events and observations that have inspired my writing. I have even resorted to providing a list of journal prompts to help combat writer’s block.  
Hoping that everyone, including the teacher, returns to room 25 on Monday, feeling refreshed and recharged. 

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.
~ William James

I love the quotes that precede each section in Day by Day by Ruth Ayres and Stacey Shubitz. 

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  1. I'm thinkining (hoping) that by the end of March, these reluctant writers will be in the habit of considering what they want to write each day. It is hard. Especially when writing isn't your "thing". Keep at it; don't give in! Monday will be a fresh start for you all. :)