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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do-Over Days ~ SOLS Day 11

 Several years ago, a line from a movie stuck with me. I can’t remember the name of the movie or many details, but I lifted the line and have held on to it ever since. The mom and the child in the movie had a name for the days that they wanted to savor and never forget. “Today was a do-over day, such a good day that I want to live it over and over again.” Today was one of those days. First off, any time we are blessed with sunshine and 6o degrees in March in western New York it is a gift. And to get that gift on a Sunday is hitting the jackpot!

My husband, Mark loaded up our kayaks and his fishing gear. I packed a bag with a variety of clothes never sure what to expect from the weather. 
Bundled up in his parka, Mark readies for the first fishing of 2012.
Two poles - check, tackle box - check, paddles-check.  Hmmm...it looks a little rough. 

Gone fishin'!
Gone shopping! It will warm up while we're gone.
Now your talking'! Much warmer and just in time for happy hour!
Cheers to do-over days!

And a beautiful sunset. This day keeps getting better.
Pinch me, we are having coffee on the deck on March 11th!
Life is good!
Just for the record I actually ventured out on the lake too. About 5:00, the wind died down and the lake calmed. It was the perfect time for a kayak ride. I would rejoice anytime we have an unexpected, unseasonably gorgeous day, but this year more than ever. My husband is in the midst of cancer treatments and this was surely a day of hope and healing that I will savor for a long time. The king of all do-over days!


  1. So glad you had such a marvelous day! Looks like you might be able to do another unseasonal "do over day" soon!

  2. How great that you were able to seize the day and make is one to remember.

  3. A day of hope and healing in the midst of your husband's cancer treatments made me cherish your sharing of the day all the more. Lovely photos. A prayer for healing and many more days to savor.

  4. I was enjoying your day as you wrote about how you spent it.
    And then when you shared about your husbands cancer treatments,your day was even more special Praying for healing for your husband, and many more days of fishing and beautiful sunrises.

  5. How beautiful, Theresa and to be able to share it with your husband makes it all the sweeter. I'm so glad you both were able to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Praying the treatments go well and you can get out on the lake and have happy hour on the deck for many days to come!